Academy of Fine Art Foundation Art to Benefit Humanity 501(C)3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS
History Founded in 2001 with a significant endowment from Masterpiece Publishing, Inc. and the generous support of artists and art patrons, The Academy of Fine Art Foundation began an endeavor to increase recognition of fine art as a vital force in contemporary culture and emphasize integrity in the business of art.
Mission Statement The Academy of Fine Art Foundation is a non profit charity that has been established to: Raise awareness of the cultural significance of fine art; educate artists and the public about the business of fine art; promote and encourage philanthropic activities in fine art. Often partnering with other non profit institutions, we endeavor to raise funds for worthy causes while enhancing the publics awareness of fine art through art exhibitions, competitions, art auction and sales, and other events designed to promote philanthropy with the community. We will provide grants, scholarships and incentives to artists, both student and professional and educational seminars that focus on education in the arts.
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