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Current Members The following artist, patrons, publishers, galleries and sponsors have contributed to the Academy of Fine Art Foundation since the inception.
Julio Aguilara Loni Anderson Arian Azoulay Ron Barzano Charles Bragg Keith Callaway Valerie Callaway Jane Casnova Christine Chung Stephanie Chung Joe Cleary Ginger Cook Dominic Denardo Disney Studios Barbara Eden Anne England Allan Fang Julio Flores Monique Huong-Le Flores Michael Fors Ron Foster Cookie Friedman Christian Galindo Mercy Garcia Garcia Michael Gorban Garrett Greve Ed Heck Zu Ming Ho Steve Kaufman Frank Kelly, Jr. Melanie Taylor Kent Tatiana Kraevskaya Larry Smith Fine Art Eunice LaFate Bach Le Chuck Le Fanch Ledan Alex Lovi Aldo Luongo Frank Lyndon Tom Pham Tracy Pham Masterpiece Publishing, Inc. Kate McCavitt Cheryl Mechling Miranda Galleries Bindu Nanda Mohit Nanda Quan Nguyen Linnea Pergola Mioke Peters Georgio Rossi John Rowe Royo Jane Seymour Sifeuntes Randy Slavin Richard Alan Smith Judith Stark Trung Minh Nguyen Glen Tarnowski Pauline Taug Hein Tran Sharon Dieu-Hien Tran CandyceThai Tran June Tran Tom Tran Triad Publishing Martin Velez Wesley Veneable Ann Wallace Robert Whitte Jasper Williams, Jr. Pamela Wilson Peter Wong
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